全球电子游戏平台大全科学系为学生提供有关如何使用科学原理的技能和知识,以便理解, 探索, and work on solving problems in the physical and natural world. 学生学习如何使用科学推理,以便通过大量的动手体验式学习,共同追求不断发展的世界知识, 社区整合, 自我驱动的项目. By the end of their three-year science progression, 学生将熟练掌握多个科学学科,成为在各种不同背景下的终身科学学习者.



  • 生物学

    As your first year-long course dedicated to one of the natural sciences, you will 探索 what makes life unique in the universe. 你将从微观的生物分子和细胞到宏观的生态系统和生物群落来研究生命. You will address questions about the composition of life, 能量的传递, 细胞分裂的连续性, the molecular basis and the inheritance of genetic information, the dynamic interactions in communities and ecosystems, and the evolutionary mechanisms that underlie the diversity of the living world.

    你将通过实验设计进行探索, 研究项目, 动手模拟和角色扮演, 湿实验室. Examples of wet labs are DNA extraction, enzyme activity, and exercise and cellular respiration. 整个单位, you will learn and practice scientific skills and proper lab techniques such as making observations, 测量, collecting and organizing qualitative and quantitative data, 并根据证据得出结论.
  • 化学 & 化学荣誉

    化学是研究构成生物及其环境的物质的结构和组成的学科. 化学还研究物质的变化和变化发生的机制. You will 探索 the fundamentals of chemistry including measurement, 实验室安全, 物质的性质, 气体定律, 原子的结构, 电子构型, 元素周期表模式, 成键, 化学反应, 和化学计量学.

    例如, 您将探索电子构型如何影响烟花的颜色,并在火焰测试中使用模式来确定神秘物质的身份. 本课程旨在让您更深入地世界十大电子游戏平台周围的科学过程以及科学之间的相互联系, 技术, 社会, 还有环境.

    荣誉课程探索与相应课程类似的主题,但速度加快,深度增加. 你将被要求执行更复杂的任务, self-driven assignments in addition to additional reading, 写作, 研究组成部分. 本课程的目标是通过探究,引导你对周围的化学世界有更深入的了解, 分析, 实验, 以及数学运算. An emphasis will be placed on hands-on learning, 技术的使用, 并将其应用于现实世界.

    Prerequisite: Department approval, based on previous science and math performance
  • 物理 & 物理学荣誉

    物理 lays down the foundational laws of the universe that all objects obey. 在这个高度互动的, lab-centric课程, you will arrive at these fundamental laws through 实验 and observation. 活动的例子包括观察悬停圆盘的行为来得出牛顿第一定律,或者使用力传感器和数字绘图技术来计算出你的鞋子和教室地板之间的摩擦力有多大. Topics covered include motion, forces, Newton’s Laws and energy.

    除了这些话题, 还有一个额外的重点放在发展科学实践,如完善的实验设计, 独立分析实验数据, 形成循证结论, and communicating those conclusions to specific audiences. 物理是全球电子游戏平台大全三年毕业要求的最后一门课程,是生物和化学的完美补充,让你对不同的科学学科有一个全面的了解.

    荣誉课程探索与相应课程类似的主题,但速度加快,深度增加. 你将被要求执行更复杂的任务, self-driven assignments in addition to additional reading, 写作, 研究组成部分. Students will be expected to have a higher level of math proficiency, especially in trigonometry. 此外, 荣誉课程的学生希望将先前的知识应用到新的和新颖的情况下,以最小的脚手架来制定自己的结论.

    Prerequisite: Department approval, based on previous science and math performance
  • 解剖学与生理学

    发现人体的复杂性,从分子到细胞,组织和系统. 了解维持生命所必需的功能,以及你体内的结构如何相互连接以维持这些功能. 我们将用真实的病人案例来练习解决问题和批判性思维,同时借鉴你过去的运动经验, 健康, 受伤, and illness as well as current research to better understand how the body develops and heals. 无论你是对医疗保健事业感兴趣,还是只是对自己的身体如何运作感到好奇, 来了解更多关于这个美丽的, 呼吸, 出血, 你生活的生物机器! (course includes basic training in First Aid and CPR)

  • 环境科学 & 政策

    环境科学 & 政策 is an interdisciplinary class where you will engage with real world issues. It will encompass science, legislation, history, economics, philosophy and politics. The class 探索s principles of environmental policy, the history of land and water use in California, 一切都与气候变化有关, the energy industry and environmental justice and equity.

    Through case studies and simulations you will act as environmental scientists, 政策制定者和顾问. You will work individually and in groups on a series of open-ended projects. 报道的许多话题都没有“正确的解决方案”,反映了环保主义者之间存在的争论. 如果你对世界十大电子游戏平台中看到的环境问题感到好奇,并准备好应对复杂的挑战,这门课是理想的.

  • Marine 科学: Physical Oceanography and Marine 生物学

    Examine marine sciences through topics including physical oceanography, 浮游生活, and a survey of invertebrate and vertebrate life in oceans including sea turtles, 海洋哺乳动物, 和海鸟. Special emphasis will be placed on marine conservation and environmental justice. You will learn why we need to protect our marine resources for the benefit of humankind. The first semester is focused on physical oceanography where we investigate navigation, 海浪和潮汐, 和海滩形成. The second semester is devoted to life in the ocean and protecting all marine species. 这门课本质上是体验式的. 因此, 实地考察(在海湾上航行), 海滩上访问, 潮池, estuary visits) and project-based learning are key features of the course. You will apply your knowledge to real world applications in marine environments.

  • 分子生物学 & 生物技术

    Explore the interdisciplinary world of bio技术, 利用科学文献, 实践经验, and 研究项目 to investigate the many applications of bio技术 in the modern world. 涵盖的主题包括历史生物技术,细胞培养,基因表达,基因工程. 你将学习基本技能, 理解, and laboratory techniques involved in practicing molecular biology. 例如, you will genetically engineer bacteria to produce a foreign protein. 在整个课程中, 您还将考虑生物技术的许多当前和潜在应用的生物伦理学.

  • 动物学

    运用生物学的基本概念,加深对动物多样性的理解和欣赏. You will identify structural and functional themes defined by a common evolutionary heritage. 你将应用数据, 分析, 与动物功能和生态互动相关的小组和独立项目的写作技巧. 在研究人类对动物种群和社区的影响时,你将培养一种批判性的思维框架和环境管理能力. You will use microscopy and dissection to 探索 animal structure, function, and behavior.

    The class will include exploration of habitats in museums, 水族馆, 如果你想更深入地研究动物生物学,了解更多关于人体作为动物解剖学和生理学原型的知识,这是为你设计的.

  • 高级主题化学荣誉

    这是一门实验室强化课程,通过学习水系统的化学,学生可以拓宽和加深对化学及其在现代世界中的作用的理解, 大气化学, 农业化学, 矿物与采矿化学, 还有食品化学. The emphasis of the course will be on the explanation and prediction of chemical behavior, 实验室技能和准确性. You will examine case studies including field trips on the areas of fresh and marine waters, 地下水, 废水, 以及旧金山湾区的地球化学. This class is designed for you if you are interested in taking chemistry-related courses in college.

    先决条件:化学 and department approval based on previous science and math performance.
  • 高级主题物理荣誉

    你将通过设计实验室来建立和测试科学模型,并通过应用数学来解决实际的科学问题,继续探索物理世界. Topics covered include sound and waves, optics, quantum physics, astrophysics and particle physics.

    The class is heavily based on hands-on labs and open-ended projects. 例如, 你将运用你对镜片和反射镜的理解来设计和建造你自己的望远镜或其他光学仪器. 如果你有兴趣成为一名科学家,这门课对你来说是理想的,因为这门课将与现实生活中的研究问题联系起来,并为你解决大学水平的问题做好准备.

    Prerequisite: 物理 and department approval based on previous science and math performance.
  • Introduction to Engineering: Physical Computing

    Engineers apply scientific knowledge in order to design solutions to complex problems. By engaging in the engineering design process, 与他人合作, 创造性地思考, engineers design the technologies and products that propel 社会 forward. 本课程提供工程不同分支的概览,并提供潜在工作机会的一瞥. 通过课堂作业的结合, 设计项目, 和竞赛, students will mimic the work and problems encountered in electrical, 民事, 机械, 以及其他工程相关领域. 工程学课程可能教你如何计算用于建造桥梁的材料的强度, how to conduct independent research of various bridge designs, and then ask you to design your own bridge in a competition. 这个动手类是完美的创造性问题解决者和任何人谁正在考虑在工程的未来.




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