在画了学习 is all about understanding; not just the memorization of information for the sake of passing an exam. It is our belief that information delivered to a student that doesn’t seem to have relevance in the life of that student becomes quickly forgotten.

True understanding is long lasting and therefore far more useful than simply knowing. Understanding something means you can explain it, teach it, and make someone else understand it. 

While ‘knowing’ can be temporary, understanding is yours to keep. It is active and can be applied or used in multiple contexts, 建立在, 相关的, 外推, 批判性地思考. 

理解也是一种解放. 它能让你更深入地投入, 创造性地解决问题, 经常引导你发现自己的声音, 你的目的, 还有你的激情. Understanding is also empowering as it will instill in you a sense of agency in your ability to translate what you learn into meaningful action.
We want you to be able to apply the understandings and skills developed during your four years at 画了 in a variety of situations and conditions that you will be exposed to; even those none of us cannot anticipate at this time. It is this concept of understanding that is at the heart of a 画了 education.



在画, 这是一个多年期, community-wide process aimed at defining an educational philosophy and aligning every aspect of the classroom experience with that philosophy across disciplines and grade levels. The aim is to ensure what a 画了 student learns is building toward mission fulfillment.



  • 我们的学习成果

    Our students will navigate and shape a world dramatically different than the one their teachers entered.

    随着世界的快速变化, education must also adapt so that our graduates are well-prepared to thrive in a future we cannot anticipate.

    2017-2018学年, a committee of 画了 faculty and staff spent significant time thinking through the skills and mindsets we believe will prepare our students to carve their own paths through a changing world.
    知识参与: A 画了 graduate actively engages in the pursuit of knowledge in order to fulfill a deep commitment to learning about the world, 自己, 以及他们在其中的位置.

    创造性和批判性思维: 全球电子游戏平台大全大学毕业生探索, 问题的假设, 运用调查视角, and utilizes a rich imagination in order to envision and express innovative approaches to challenges.

    全球电子游戏平台大全毕业生培养有效的书面, 口语, 以及视觉表达, 懂得安静和倾听的力量, in order to engage in open and substantive exchange with those around them.

    A 画了 graduate demonstrates curiosity about the diversity of the human experience in order to pursue an egalitarian, multicultural perspective that values interconnectedness, 正义, 与和平.

    A 画了 graduate displays honesty and compassion for fellow humans in order to approach each encounter with self-knowledge, 善良, 和共鸣.

    全球电子游戏平台大全大学的毕业生进行心理训练, 物理, 社会, and emotional wellness in order to maintain a productive and fulfilling life of learning, 增长, 和意义.
  • 我们的流程

    The curriculum review process at 画了 is rooted in eight working teams:
    • 英语
    • 社会研究
    • 科学
    • 数学
    • 世界语言
    • 视觉艺术
    • 表演艺术
    • Socio-Emotional学习

    The chair of each team collaborates closely with our Academic Dean,  as they drive toward the conviction that students need deep understandings for their knowledge to belong to them, 为他们而活, 毕业后很久.
  • 我们的顾问:通过设计来理解

    好的学习需要好的指导. 在我们进行课程回顾的过程中, we’re working with the experts at Understanding By Design (UBD), foremost experts on curriculum review who coach schools worldwide.  Read more about the Understanding By Design team and their work here.

    画了 is partnering with Sandy Kleinman of the UBD team, who is guiding us through this process of reflection through campus visits and close collaboration with 画了's Deans.

    It is important to note is that the UBD team does not tell a school what to teach; instead, the UBD team provides a lens through which a school brings into focus what it wants to teach. UBD will not shape 画了’s curriculum or encourage us to teach students any particular thing. 我们的教练桑迪·克莱曼告诉全球电子游戏平台大全的老师们, 她的团队的目标只是“理解”, 通过设计”. Entirely up to 画了 is what exactly 画了's students will understand.


画了’s unique schedule is carefully designed to maximize your learning. An overwhelming amount of research has emerged that decisively shows how more sleep in the morning benefits teenage health and performance in school. That’s why at 画了, the school day begins at 8:50AM. 

钟的时间表遵循1-7阶段,然后重复. Each week, the schedule will appear different, though the 1-7 rotation will remain the same. Each class meets for 75 minutes and meets every other day. 

在画, you’ll be enrolled in six classes each semester with one class period free as a prep period. 画了 students like to use that prep period to stay on top of their schoolwork, 社交, 或者与老师见面. 或者项目准备. You are allowed off campus during lunch to explore and take advantage of 画了’s Pacific Heights location.


部门 要求 课程 & 笔记
英语 4年 英语1、英语2、英语3、英语4
社会研究 3年 世界历史.S. 历史,1选修课
数学 3年* 代数1,几何,代数2或数据分析
科学 3年* 生物,化学和物理
世界语言 3年 Three years of language, at least two of which are consecutive and in the same language.
视觉及表演艺术 2年 Two of any full-year 视觉 or 表演艺术 courses
学术的选修课 7个课程 Seven additional courses from any of the above disciplines

* 虽然毕业要求是三年, students are strongly encouraged to take four years in order to deepen their academic experience and position themselves well for college.
全球电子游戏平台大全了解并相信青少年. We engage each student in a process of intellectual discovery to develop an individual voice, 表达它的信心, 以及理解其影响的同理心.
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