学费 & 学费援助

画了’s tuition is set each year by the Board of Trustees through an intentional process that takes into account a variety of vital factors. 2023-2024学年入学的家庭学费为58,695美元. 

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A required, non-refundable 10% deposit is due with a signed enrollment agreement in March.

画了 offers three different tuition payment plan options to make paying tuition easier for families.
  • 支付计划: 初次入学后交押金, one subsequent payment is due to FACTS on June 1.
  • Two-Pay计划: 初次入学后交押金, two subsequent payments are due to FACTS on June 1 and November 1—each 50% of the total tuition.
  • 每月付款计划: 初次入学后交押金, 每月应支付一笔款项, 5月1日开始,2月1日结束,各占总学费的10%.
画了 is committed to maintaining socioeconomic diversity by helping families afford 画了's college-preparatory education. Forty percent of 画了 students receive some level of need-based financial support. Each family's financial situation is unique, and 画了 considers every application carefully. 的 range of tuition assistance awarded to 画了 families spans from less than 10% of tuition to nearly 100% which means your family could pay anywhere between $1000 to $58,每年695美元的学费,根据你的需要而定. 的 process of awarding tuition assistance is very deliberate and based on the assumption that each family who enrolls is using their own resources to the maximum possible extent. 

If your family plans to apply for tuition assistance, please review the timeline below. Please note that tuition assistance is granted annually and therefore you must apply each year. As of the 2023-2024 school year 画了 now uses Clarity to process tuition assistance. 我们希望您发现Clarity是一个更易于访问和高效的系统. 

  • 要开始,请到 清晰的应用程序 创建一个账户. 的 application typically takes less than 30 minutes to complete and is mobile-friendly so you can access it anywhere. 你也可以保存你的进度,并在任何时候返回.
  • 在应用程序的最后, 您将被要求提交一次性费用60美元, allowing you to apply to additional schools that accept the 清晰的应用程序s for no additional charge. 符合条件的家庭将自动获得学费减免. 只需使用应用程序中的下拉菜单选择这些学校.
学费资助的过程是完全保密的. 分居或离婚的父母应各自提交申请.

  • 表格1040:已签署,包括所有附表
If you are a shareholder in an S-Corporation or a partner in a Partnership (listed on Schedule E of your 1040), 上传相应的Schedule K-1, 1120S, 及/或表格1065

  • 表格W2/1099: 2023
Enrollment agreements and tuition assistance for returning students are sent in February.

Enrollment agreements and tuition assistance for new students will accompany letters of acceptance in March.

的 following resources from Clarity can also help you in the application process: 
  • 家庭申请指引 provides step-by-step instructions and a list of the information you'll need to have on hand when completing the application.

  • 检查您的证明文件的接收和状态, 或者如果你有任何问题或需要帮助完成申请, 请发邮件至support@claritytuition.英语和西班牙语. 电话支持206-210-3752. 应用程序本身也完全翻译成西班牙语.

  • Family Info Night Webinar Dates - All parents are invited to attend any of the following family information sessions to learn more about the Clarity application. 将提供网络研讨会录音. 




  • 你们如何提供学费资助?

    全球电子游戏平台大全大学助教委员会根据实际需要发放助学金. 平均, 画了 grants more than $2 million in tuition assistance to support families as they pursue their educational goals.
  • 如果我收到了我觉得我的家庭负担不起的学费怎么办?

    If you have been accepted with a tuition that you feel is higher than your demonstrated ability to pay, 请全球电子游戏平台大全,因为我们确实有一个上诉程序供您遵循. You will be required to provide supporting documents if your income has changed since filling out the application initially. 我们将尽力满足你们的需求.
  • 学费补助的典型数额是多少?

    每个家庭都是单独评估的,所以没有“典型”的TA量. 的 range of TA awarded to 画了 families spans from less than 10% of tuition to nearly 100% which means your family could pay anywhere between $1000 to $58,每年695美元的学费,根据你的需要而定. 的 process of awarding TA is very deliberate and based on the assumption that each family who enrolls is using their own resources to the maximum possible extent.
  • 有两个家庭的家庭是否需要填写两份Clarity申请?

    是的,每年所有的家长都必须填写申请表,除非有 法院命令给予父母一方单独的人身和法律监护权.  保证完全保密. 的 cooperation of all parents is required before 画了 will consider aiding a candidate. Consideration of the other custodial or non-custodial parent’s financial status is based upon the belief that a family’s contribution for education is a reflection of the family’s ability to pay, 而不是愿意付钱.
  • Clarity使用什么信息来确定建议学费?

    Clarity takes many factors into account when estimating a family's financial contribution, 包括收入和资产, 家庭规模, 父母年龄, 以及就读于收费机构的儿童人数, 包括学院和大学. Clarity considers these and other factors and provides every family with a living allowance based on 家庭规模. This allowance protects a certain amount of income after a variety of expenses are subtracted from a family's income. A portion of this discretionary income is then suggested as the family's contribution.
  • 如果我的财务状况在一月到三月之间发生了变化怎么办?

    If other sources of financial support make it possible for you to enroll without financial aid and you have been offered enrollment, 你必须联系乔安娜·洛维特, 招生主任 joannalovett@gxy10.com or 415.430.3771.

    画了 operates under the assumption that families who apply for financial aid cannot enroll without this support. 关于入学的决定必须在2023年3月的最后期限之前做出.
  • 我明年的学费会变吗?

    它可能. 全球电子游戏平台大全的学费援助是根据需要扩展到家庭. Applications are submitted annually so that 画了 can assess for an increase or decrease in your TA award based on current needs.
  • 申请学费资助会影响录取决定吗?

    No. 画了 manages the admission process separately from the tuition assistance process. 的 招生 Committee works to assess candidates for readiness and best fit for 画了's community and program. 的 TA Committee works separately to distribute our limited funds to families based on need to those the admissions committee has accepted.
全球电子游戏平台大全了解并相信青少年. We engage each student in a process of intellectual discovery to develop an individual voice, 表达它的信心, 以及理解其影响的同理心.
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